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Nearly 20% of Americans don’t get the essential dental care they need to protect and preserve their teeth because of dental anxiety and fear. Dr. Saxena and her team at Leesburg Spa Dentistry in Leesburg, Virginia, provide patient-focused care and education as well as sedation dentistry to relieve your anxiety and fears. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Anxiety-Free Dentistry Q & A

How can a dentist reduce dental anxiety?

At Leesburg Spa Dentistry, Dr. Saxena and her team keep your comfort as their first priority. They understand that you may have dental fears and anxiety that might make you reluctant to get the dental care you need.

To help relieve your dental anxiety, Dr. Saxena and her team provide patient-focused care, starting with your positive experience in the waiting room. The office is designed and decorated to help you feel calm and relaxed as soon as you walk in. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, so they can answer your questions and help you settle in for your treatment.

Once you’re in the dental chair, Dr. Saxena and the hygienists continue to create a calming environment by communicating about your condition and what they’re doing to take care of your teeth. They use state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most modern treatments and best possible experience.

What types of anxiety control are available?

Dr. Saxena and her team provide a variety of sedation options to help you relax during your dental treatment.

  • Minimal or light sedation keeps you relaxed but awake, with the help of Nitrous Oxide as well as Advanced Local Anesthesia Techniques.  
  • Deep sedation creates a twilight state where you’re on the edge of consciousness.
  • General anesthesia allows you to sleep through the treatment.

If you have dental anxiety, talk to Dr. Saxena and her staff about your concerns and your needs. They want you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your treatment and will do their best to help you have an anxiety-free experience.

How can I reduce my dental anxiety?

If you have dental anxiety, you can take steps to manage your anxiety before your appointment.

Dr. Saxena wants you to get the dental care you need and is always willing to talk to you about your concerns. Preventive dental care, such as routine checkups and cleanings, is critical to protecting your teeth. She is committed to helping you feel comfortable and confident to attend these essential appointments.

During your appointments, you can also distract yourself. You might find that listening to your favorite music or an entertaining podcast can keep your mind off of your dental treatment.

Call or schedule a consultation online today to learn more about your options for anxiety-free dental care.