TMJ Disorders

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TMJD are notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat. Many of the related symptoms such as headaches and earaches often lead doctors to diagnose a sinus condition as opposed to a problem with the jaw joint. TMJ symptoms can change in severity depending on stressers, grinding of the teeth, headaches and lock jaw can often occur.

Combining dentistry and Botox has been an effective and fast acting tool to help reduce symptoms.

Helpful Information

How does Botox work?

The temporomandibular joint is located on both sides of the head where the skull adjoins the jawbone. Two injections are given on each side of that joint.

How long will it take?

After an exam with the doctor she will determine how many units are needed. Every patient is different that is why the exam is important to schedule first. The actual procedure itself takes 15 minuntes.

Can I go back to work right after?

Yes you can.